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Why proper styli and fixturing are a critical part of your inspection process

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  • Vergangener Event, On Demand
  • Original Datum: 18. März, 2021

Register for our webinar:

Why proper styli and fixturing are a critical part of your inspection process

  • Thursday, March 18th - 10:00AM (CDT)
  • A recording will be available on-demand after the event for those who register.

As part of the in-process and final post-process monitoring layer in Renishaw’s process pyramid, styli and fixturing are key components to ensure the accurate collection of inspection data.

Renishaw is a leader in styli and modular and custom fixture products. Join Jim and Melissa to see how we can assist you in creating time saving, cost reducing, reproducible and accurate parts measurement. Whether you are inspecting parts for aerospace, automotive, electronics, industrial or medical applications, Renishaw can provide a comprehensive solution to your fixturing & styli requirements to help improve your inspection processes.

Meet your experts:

Melissa Phillips, Sales Account Manager at Renishaw Fixturing Solutions, LLC.

Melissa has over 17 years of experience with metrology fixturing, connecting with customers to understand their applications and providing Renishaw’s fixturing solutions solving complex quality inspection issues. Melissa covers the Mountain and Western region of the United States.

Jim Kunze, Styli & Fixture Business Development Specialist

Jim brings 25 years of experience supporting customers and providing assistance in choosing the correct styli for their application. Jim previously managed the customer service department for 6 years, all while keeping focus on the styli product line and its customers.