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Am I Doing This Right? Accelerometer and Cable Handling

Firma / Organisator PCB Piezotronics, Inc.
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  • Vergangener Event, On Demand
  • Original Datum: 19. Januar, 2021

Best Practices for Good Data

How quickly does your team go through accelerometers, or get a questionable channel during testing? Most often, the shortened sensor life or questionable performance is due to poor sensor installation, improper handling, or a bad cable. This webinar will teach you simple "best practices" to extend the life of your hardware and ensure you are getting the best data possible.

Join us for Am I Doing This Right? Accelerometer and Cable Handling on Jan 19th at 2pm - 2:30pm EST. Topics include:

  • How does mounting method (stud munt, adhesive, magnet) effect frequency response of a sensor?
  • Learn the do's and don'ts of sensor mounting and removal
  • Understand the importance of proper cable strain relief, cable management, and installation tips

Presenter: Melissa Maze

Business Development Manager, A&D - PCB Piezotronics