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A New Era with Open Automation

Firma / Organisator Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik GmbH
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  • Vergangener Event, On Demand
  • Original Datum: 16. März, 2021

A New Era with Open Automation

Open automation means that digitalization can easily be achieved with a freely expandable cloud platform for the factory. It includes an open programming interface for smart manufacturing, thus, third-party applications such as tool management or quality assurance can easily be integrated as well.

The use of smart measuring amplifiers is essential for the implementation of open automation. Intelligence must already be present directly in the component - with "open interfaces" and "edge computing" - in order to be able to process data efficiently and specifically.

In this webinar, the requirements and solutions with a focus on software integration are shown and will also be presented LIVE. The following points will be covered:

  • What is the concept of open automation?
  • How does open automation influence my measurement and my process?
  • How can it be implemented in existing machines?
  • Generating a smart factory and new business: What are your options?


Michael Guckes
Product Manager Industrial Electronics and Software